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Motorized Roller Blinds Manufacturer Serving Southern Ontario

Dual Zebra Blinds Manufacturer Serving Southern Ontario

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Yes, we do! Contact us today and an A Divine Design representative will book you in for a free in Home Consultation where we can come and show you our complete roller blinds collection.

We Are A Custom Window Shades Manufacturer Serving Southern Ontario

Dual Layered (Zebra) Shades

  • Designed with unified sheer stripes of fabric and tightly woven colour bands
  • Provide protection for the floors and furniture against the damaging UV rays
  • We offer a wide variety of layered shade styles, colours, and fabrics

Custom made and Motorized Options

Pirouette & Silhouette Sheers

  • Also known as horizontal shades/sheers
  • We offer a wide selection of sheer shades with different fabric types, colours, and semi-sheer materials
  • Designed with horizontal slats that ‘float’ between layers of soft and translucent fabric materials.
  • 100% protection against UV rays when the vanes are closed

Custom made and Motorized Options

Roman Shades

  • Roman shades offer more allure than regular window blinds or shades
  • 2 fold style options:
    Soft Fold: will give your home a drapery-like appearance. This style allows for large and elegant material folds while raising the shade.
    Classic Pleated Fold: the fabric panels fold over as the shade is raised.
  • Cordless options
  • Blackout liners (option) help to regulate light entry

Custom made and Motorized Options

Pleated Shades

  • Cordless lift system to control the amount of light that enters the room
  • Top-down/bottom-up controls – allows you to raise or lower your pleated shades in either direction to ensure privacy
  • Prevent the entry of unwanted moisture and air + block harmful UV rays.
  • Made with a single fabric layer composed of tiny, insulated cells and crisp folds or pleats

Custom made and Motorized Options

Cellular & Honeycomb Shades

  • Unique and versatile shades
  • Come in single and double-cell construction
  • Effectively block out direct sunlight and harmful UV rays, providing protection against heat and cold
  • Effective in trapping air, making them more energy and cost-efficient

Custom made and Motorized Options

Composite & Faux Wood Blinds

  • Excellent alternatives to real wood blinds
  • Made from materials such as PVC-vinyl combo and composite wood
  • Wide range of faux blind options with different colours, grain patterns, and textures
  • Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, and garages
  • Resistance to moisture and humidity

Custom made and Motorized Options

Real Wood Blinds

  • Made from nature’s finest wood materials: oak, basswood, and cherry
  • Made from thin, flexible, and durable slats, they are relatively lightweight
  • Offer 100% blackout options
  • Available in a variety of beautiful colours and finishes
  • Our custom Faux wood blinds are the most affordable option. While our Real wood blinds give a more natural and rustic look

Custom made and Motorized Options

100% Canadian Wood & Vinyl 

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